Justice and Peace Promotion Work (JPIC)

The Promotion of Justice and Peace (JPIC) is a collaboration between the Ursulines in each country to foster justice and peace in each locality in which the Ursuline Order operates by aiming to promote concrete studies, understand and solve problems whether it is an environmental problem that is full of pollution, food shortage problem and housing of outsider groups and marginalized people especially a great deal of children and youth including immigrants coming to the cities of each country.
The Promotion of Justice and Peace (JPIC) has been in operation since 2001, with each period of the Ursuline General Chapter, to establish an agreement and a common mission to implement according to the guidelines set out in the 2001 General Chapter as follows:

Follow in the footsteps of Saint Angela,
Who has come to make a pilgrimage of peace and reconciliation
Today we hear the call to be
Peacemaker Artist
More and more
In Justice, brings harmony and unity
In self and between us together in community life
In prayer and meditation in mission
Presence among people and cultures
Along with the world and all creation
Peace is a gift from Christ in His death
And His resurrection which is the effectiveness of the Holy Spirit
"Love and truth now encounter together
Justice and peace embrace.”
(Psalm 84)