1.Baan Thep, Bangkok

Founded by Father Bonang; a Jesuit priest in 1969, it is a place to educate the youth in morality and typography. Later, when children in the community needed care when their parents had to work outside the home, Father, together with the Ursuline sisters, opened a pre-school daycare center by taking care and educating children during the day as well as giving lunch for all children.

At present, the Ursulines of the Mater Dei Alumnae Association under the Royal Patronage have inherited the spirit of the founder with a heart filled with humanity and love, providing care for skills-enhancing activities especially by enhancing the physical and mental health of children.

For those who wish to support Baan Thep's work,

  • 46/104 Moo 1, Soi Suan Oi, Road by Railway You can contact Baan Thep Daycare Center
    Old Pak Nam, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10110
  • Telephone 02-311-5023

2. Baan Santiwana, Bangkok

For children, students, interested families, learning how to live self-sufficiently, Santiwana is another option that can be learned from both theory and experience.

Contact: Mr. Khomsan Hutaphaet

3.Baan Bethany, Regina Coeli School, Chiang Mai

Baan Bethany, Regina Coeli School, Chiang Mai

Objectives for Accepting Young Women at Bethany

  1. 1. Provide opportunities for young women who have completed Grade 6 and who are poor, to have the opportunity to study at the secondary level at Regina Coeli College
  2. 2. Young women will learn the catechism of Christianity and receive training according to the spirit of Saint Angela, love and serve (Serviam)
  3. 3. Young women will develop themselves, learn life skills in various fields, live community life: unity in diversity, doing work in accordance with the assigned duties in order to be used in life


Rules for accepting young women, Bethany House

  1. 1. Father, Sister, catechists in different villages must submit, certify, select and be responsible for submitting a certificate attached to the application
  2. Young women must be ready to study in Regina Coeli College, junior high school level and ready to receive training according to the Spirit of Saint Angela In Baan Bethany
  3.  Young women must be graduated in elementary school 6th grade, 13 years of age
  4. Young women must be well behaved, disciplined, diligent, patient, responsible in duties, ready to learn and adapt for personal development
  5. Young women must be in good health, without disease that is contagious or chronic.
  6. Young women must follow strictly the rules and regulations of Bethany House.
  7.  Parents must bring the young women with application form and supporting documents to apply at Sister's home from February to March by calling an appointment in advance at Miss Nueng Ruethai at 081-366-8898.
  8. Applicants will be selected through an interview and a written exam.
  9. The responsible sister will interview parents and young women to inform training guidelines, practices and collective agreements
  10. Parents support Baan Bethany’s maintenance fee. (Food and accommodation) 4,000 baht per year.
    Documents to be prepared to apply 1. Student delivery certificate from the priest/ Sister, the certifier at that parish / district
    2. Certificate of Baptism
    3. Certificate of Confirmatiiion
    4. Two 1.5-inch student photographs (taken within 6 months)
    5. 1 copy of student birth certificate
    6. One copy of the house registration of students and parents
    7. A copy of student ID card.
    8. One copy of ID card, father and mother.
    9. A copy of guardian’s ID card (if not parents)
    10. Copy of name-surname change certificate (if any)
    11. Certificate of being a student from an educational institution or a copy of the document showing academic results or a certificate of academic performance


Apply at

  • Local Prioress / School Manager Regina Coeli College
  • 053-276062, 053-282395
  • or Miss Nueng Ruethai
  • Tel. 081-366-8898
    (updated 20 February 2021)

4.Baan Angela, Chiangkham

In 1991, Father Lucci of Betharam invited the Ursuline Sisters to assist in teaching catechism to the youth of the Immaculate Conception Church, Chiang Kham twice a month. During that period, Chiang Kham was facing a serious problem with the outbreak of the "Green Fall Group". That is, many village girls had been sold to prostitution since they did not finish high school.

Father Lucci was aware of this problem, with great care as a good shepherd, he took the initiative to provide housing for sisters and young women shelters by coordinating work with the Ursuline Sisters in Thailand, where Sister Theodore Hanelfeld was the Provincial. Since the Order has a policy to expand collaboration with local churches, this shelter would be built in addition to being a place for the sisters.

It would also be a source of knowledge and assistance for families and young women in the communities and nearby villages. So as not to be tempted to go into prostitution and to provide this accommodation as well as a lifestyle training for young women from low-land communities and hill tribes in Chiang Kham and Phayao districts to come to study at the junior and senior high school levels by using an empty area in the Chiang Kham Church area, which was later named "Baan Angela"

Sister's Main Mission
1. Pastoral and apostolic work with youth at Baan Angela and in the village
2. Pastoral and apostolic work for Christians at Chiang Kham church and in the village
3. Coordinate and work with the Social Development Center, Phayao District, in the pastoral care and apostolate together with the Buddhist community.

Contact Angela House, Chiang Kham
(Sister's house – Immaculate Conception Church)

  • No. 215 Moo 13, Yuan Subdistrict, Chiang Kham District, Phayao Province 56110
  • Tel. 054-451498
  • Tel. 087-5752726

5.Baan Atcharamai, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Province

In 2009, the Ursulines participated in an apostolate and pastoral work in Sop Moei District, Mae Hong Son Province by Father Sutee Charoenkul who consulted with Bishop Vira Arpornrat and the elder Sisters of the Ursuline Order; Sister Chintana Chatrasuphang, Sister Somchitr Krongbonsri, Sister Ratchanee Disudjit and the members of the Order.

In 2013, the Province began to own some property but still did not build a house. Sister helped to teach catechism in the village of Mae Haad and went to visit villagers with the priest and catechist in various villages, and found out that there were children and youth who graduated from grade 6 and 9 who wanted to continue their education and wanted to learn catechism but there was no opportunity because the priests, sisters, and teachers were few. Most of these young people are poor. Living on a very high mountain. Father Sutee, Sister Narumol and the catechist discussed together to find a way to help. The youth's parents demanded that their children live with the priest and sister, and therefore consulted with the elder sisters in the Order,. later on built a house for young women and named the house "Mary of the Incarnation" in the village of Ko Beeki, Sob Moei. There is a Saint Margarita Alagog church in this village.

At present, Baan Atcharamai is located in the area of ​​Saint Paolo church, Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son Province with the Ursuline sisters working in taking care of youths with the Diocese of Chiang Mai

Objective of receiving young women of Baan Atcharamai

  1. For young women who have completed the sixth grade of education and are in need of financial support, to have the opportunity to study at the secondary level in the area near their home, and during the school break, they can return to help with family work.
  2. Young women are trained, are aware of the value of dignity as a woman and develop themselves according to the Spirit of Saint Angela
  3. To give young women the opportunity to learn catechism, practice helping with liturgy, know Christian duties and have experience helping in pastoral work together with the parish.

Contact Baan Atcharamai, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Province

  • No. 31/2 Wiang Mai Road, Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son Province 58110
  • Call 098-812-2597