Coat of Arms of the Ursulines of the Roman Union

Coat of Arms of the Ursulines of the Roman Union
Crown means beautiful paradise award that Saint Angela had received
Maxim “Soli Deo Gloria” (in Latin) means “Glory to God alone”

On the left, this entire section is a symbol of St. Angela and the purpose of the Order.
The golden lilies on the blue background represent the spiritual life of Angela and the group members who must be like the Virgin Mary as the 'spiritual mother' to all the people.
The lower part is bright blue, there is a cross and 3 nails referring to the Great suffering of Jesus Christ
Crossed letters in the middle are the names of Jesus and Our Lady, St. Angela, always gained strength from the 'cross'
The golden aura surrounding the image symbolizes the resurrection, Christ's victory over death, It is like a light that shines the way of humanity to the eternal immortal life ... the light which has already been illuminating the path for Saint Angela.

To the right, all of this section are symbols of St. Angela and all Ursuline members
The gleaming gold floor above is a sign of love and mercy
White bird spreading wings is like the Holy Spirit, the protector of Saint Ursula
The green laurel on silver background is the victory over death. The big tree was rooted in the mountains, like the Ursuline Order, there is a deep rooted in the Church