Saint Ursula

Saint Ursula was a woman Saint during the 4th-5th century AD. Legend had it that Princess Ursula was English. (Ursula means 'little bear' in Latin) She asked her father's permission to set sail with her fiancée along with another 11,000 female companions, which according to evidence at the Abbey of Cologne which could be that those female companions were probably only 11. She headed for Rome with her followers. She went to Rome and invited the Pope to accompany her. She traveled to Cologne and her female companions were executed by the Huns. In the great massacre by the Han leader, Ursula died with an arrow from a bow. His feast day is October 21st, she is a virgin and martyr Saint.

Note: Due to the lack of clear reference information about Saint Ursula and her martyr companions who were executed in Cologne, the Feast day of commemoration of this Saint was eliminated from the Saints Directory which has been renovated in 1969.