Sister Wantana Satissarat, OSU

Sister Wantana's vocation caused by seeing, encountering, talking to the missionaries. I was born into a Catholic family, my faith and love for God were instilled in me as a child, studied in a Catholic school, the examples I received from religious men and women made me want to sacrifice and dedicate myself to the Lord as well, simplicity of community life, unity in the relationship of sisterly love, elegance in every way of life

            The first thing I saw when I arrived at school on the school's small chapel was the group of sisters walking into the chapel gracefully, restrained, a persistent sight always fascinated me since childhood. It made me think why these missionaries sacrificed themselves and were willing to serve us Thai people to know God.

            As a student, I was cultivated the spirit of being a servant helping others. From the examples of the missionaries, I began to think about my future, what I wanted to do or to be. I didn't dare to make a decision because I was afraid and not confident that I could do it. Fear of failure because of my being less intelligent, I didn't study very well. After finishing high school 6 in the past, it was equivalent to the current high school grade 9, so I left home to become a teacher in the South for 1 year to rediscover myself. I was finally back in the same school; Mater Dei School that I was familiar with and grew up with.

            The missionary who taught and knew me well, I was her student and worked with her in school for many years used to greet me by asking, how is your vocation? I didn't have an answer, but smiled. At that time I was 24 years old. After a while, I decided to meet with the superior and talk to her to make sure I could live the life of a religious. The warm hospitality of the superior in the Ursuline Order gave me confidence along with the support of my parents. I left home to head from Bangkok to Chiangmai in 1964.

            4 years of training divided into the first year and the last 3 years was a strict time. .....and worked, learned about the spirituality of the founder of the Order; Saint Angela, missionary who had an ideal that was open to all brothers and sisters in society no matter what situation the persons were in. She could talk and give advice that brings hope and peace to everyone. 5 years later it was study time and out to live in the big house, learned more about community life, taught catechism, etc. In 1972, I was granted a permission to make final vows.

            In my religious life I have to face many things, learned new things, such as practicing rules and the constitutions of the Order, for me it is a gift that God has given me. I am happy when I don't forget that I always have God by my side. I've been defeated by myself but God sent his beloved one to help me getting up and walking again.

            Mother Angela warned her children that when we are weak, let us be at the foot of Jesus on the cross, and it is something that I have always done with gratitude for the blessings I have received over the past 57 years.