Sister Jantana Wongsankakorn

                        Sister Jantana Wongsankakorn is an alumna of Vasudevi School. The message or thought of Saint Angela that impresses her is “… therefore you must have good and firm will to submit whole self to God’s will and accept it with firm faith and vitality…” The experience of accepting each other in a sinful human form helps her to remain a faithful member who holds on to St. Angela’s spirit of the Ursuline Order to this day. She felt discouraged and disappointed in living Ursuline religious life, but what made her come back to live the life according to the example of Saint Angela again is to give the meaning in life which is greater than what is discouraging. In the present situation that the world is constantly changing including God’s people who are affected. As a servant and follower of Jesus, she thinks that the way to rescue all fellow human beings from suffering and sorrow is to help them see suffering as temporary, uncertain, leaving everything to Him, seeing that there are other people who suffer more than us and looking positively, seeing the joyfulness in life.