Sister Bunsom Narumitchitskul, OSU

            Because I have never seen Bangkok and dreamed of coming to visit it for once and then I got what I wished when a senior friend invited me to work at Vasudevi School. When I walked into the gate of the school, the first thing I saw was a Statue of Saint Angela with a girl, I felt attracted. And when I met the Mother and the Sisters in the Ursuline religious uniform, I was intrigued and very fond of it because in my life I have never seen a dress like this before. Later, when listening to the night prayer and the singing of Salve Regina in Latin, it was so beautiful that it caught the audience's attention. I saw their dedication to teaching the students, the happiness of community life which impressed me that I wanted to be a religious in the Ursuline Order and I entered.

            Impressive message of Saint Angela “You will not find any refuge except at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

            The experience of being a member of the Ursulines who adheres to the spirit of Saint Angela is based on the formation of religious life in the field of personal meditation and praying with the group, such as morning and evening prayers, participate in Mass regularly and faithful to prayer life, a deep intimacy with the Lord provides a strong physical and spiritual power for me to carry out the duties assigned by the prioress and fulfill the three vows with joy, have a community life together, work together happily with other sisters in the community.

            In religious life, I performed the duties of serving the members in the community, the school and the staff in nutrition, teaching catechism, etc. The mission I was entrusted even though it was tiring, there was some more or less worried, it did not cause discouragement or despairing in life, on the contrary I had fun and was happy to be able to do this job because Christ strengthens me in my prayer life, in the Word and the Eucharist I receive daily.

            Because I am in the age of late elderly so there is time to pray for all the people all over the world who are experiencing adversity in various fields due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have to lose their job, have no income for the family. I have helped to provide some comfort, insight and encouragement to some who have fallen into this condition, along with providing support according to my abilities to help alleviate the suffering.