Come & See Sister Kanya Kuwinphan

50 years of blessing are my current feelings - deep love and gratitude to the One who created me in the grace that He has called and chosen me since my mother's womb to become his servant closely in religious life.

I consider it a great miracle that the little one like me does not deserve it

I am grateful to my parents for seeing the importance of education and sending their children to the best Catholic schools

in Chiang Mai. So I came to stay at Regina Coeli College where at this place was born a Christian vocation. I was born into a real Chinese family from China, holding Chinese Buddhism among six brothers and sisters. I and my third younger brother were baptized as two Catholics, two in the family. The Chinese people consider the firstborn, that is I, should live with my parents, take care of the siblings, to express my gratitude to my family, and then here again (Regina Coeli). God gave me the religious vocation with the inspiration from the Ursuline Sisters and the training in the spirit of Saint Angela that were absorbed into my bloodstream without my knowing.

I applied to the Ursuline Order until having made my first and final vow. Having celebrated 25 years of profession, I considered that was enough but many of my friends who came to the event that day blessed me saying “We'll meet again to celebrate 50 years!” Time flies like a flying wing. When thinking back it went very quickly and so it has arrived today. Over fifty years of experience in the religious life in the daily mission of loving and serving the Lord on a journey with friends, brothers and sisters, and lay collaborators, we . learned together in happiness, suffering, joy, peace, conflict, reconciliation, forgiveness, generosity, love, trust, faith, the incomparable mercy of the Most High, Father, Jesus who always travels by my side, the Holy Spirit, who always gives wisdom, Our Lady and Saint Angela who have pleaded and helped me all along. What resonates in my heart all the time is "Thank God in every case" I cannot use human language like mine to speak to the heart.