Regina Community

Regina Community




Sister Pilaiwan Kitsawat, Sister Prapatsorn Srivorakul,

Sister Ratchanee Disudchit, Sister Wantana Satissarat,

Sister Bunsom Narumitchitskul, Sister Maliwan Chamrastarangkoon,

Sister Suwanna Chaipornkaew, Sister Kanya Kuwinphan,

Sister Wimol Suthapreeda, Sister Pornprapha Tiengnamdee,

Sister Praphai Kittavee, Sister Phuangpet Huatsiri,

Sister Malinee Kohasuwan and Sister Orasri Montri


 Ursuline Community Regina Coeli

166 Charoen Pratet Road, Muang District

Chiangmai 50100

Tel: 0-5327-6062



Non-Formal Educationwhere Regina Sisters are in charge of is Regina Center 


Baan Bethany




  1. To give opportunity to young women who are interested to study and are ready to be educated and formed according to the spirit of Ursuline Education
  2. To learn various aspects of life skill and able to apply in their lives
  3. To reinforce virtues, morality, love and serviam in their lives
  4. To learn how to live life in community that is so diversed but united as one according to Gospel values.

Rules to accept students to Baan Bethany

  1. Priests, Sisters, Catechists who work in various villages are the ones who consider, send, certify, choose and are responsible.
  2. Young women who want to study at Regina Coeli College for junior and senior high school level.
  3. Young women who finish their study at grade 6, age 13 complete or grade 9, age 15 complete.
  4. Have good behavior, discipline, diligent, patient, persevere, responsible, sacrifice, generous, serve others with love.
  5. Are healthy, do not have any contagious disease or chronic disease
  6. Must follow strictly the rules of Baan Bethany
  7. Parents must cooperate with Baan Bethany and have responsibility to educate them together.
  8. The ones who guarantee must send names and necessary documents of the applicants to Baan Bethany no later than March 1-31.
  9. The applicants will be chosen through interview – written exam
  10. Parents must be interviewed in order to know the formation program and the agreement.

Things to bring on the application day

  1. 3 copies of  house registration
  2. 3 copies of identity card
  3. 3 copies of study certificate
  4. 4 photos size 1 inch

This document has been adapted on September 15, 2017


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 Ursuline Sisters Piyamart



Sister Praedee Maneeratanavongsiri,

Sister Somchitr Krongboonsri

and Sister Penprapha Wongsai




      Formerly Baan Piyamart was founded to be a school of choice for children in the countryside. It has received permission to be a school on May 10, 2004 to teach kindergarten 1-3 on May 24, 2004. However, with various situations and the purposes of parents, the school has extended classes to grade 6 by extending one class each year beginning on February 20, 2007 and finally Baan Piyamart becomes a complete charitable school.



Ursuline Sisters Piyamart

20 Moo 12, Mae Na-Rue

Payao 56000

Tel: 0-5488-9128

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Chiangkham Catholic Center 


Sister Chintana Chatrasubhang,

Sister Supansa Tamart

and Sister Sirilak Suwapap, 



Baan Chiangkham of Chiangkham Center belongs to Chiangmai Diocese is the place where the Ursuline Sisters participate in helping girlsto be aware of their dignity, able to help themselves and have knowledge according to the current and situation of the Thai society at present. We help them by giving them opportunity to study in the government school nearby. We take care, educate and form them when they come back to live at Chiangkham Center.


Ursuline Sisters

Immaculate Conception Church (Chiangkham Catholic Center)

13 Tambon Yuan, Chiangkham

Payao 56110

Tel: 0-5445-1498

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Baan Doi Regina



Baan Doi Regina

It was formally owned by the English Consul.   It is in the area of the national park.  When Baan Doi Regina has been taken care of by the Ursulines, it becomes the place for retreat, formation on spiritual renewal, seminar including various meetings of the Congregation.  It is open to everybody who is interested to organize any activity, anybody is welcome to use this place.


The place where Baan Doi Regina is situated

Near Wat Phra Thad DoiSuthep around 2 kilometers.

For further information please contact

Regina Coeli College, Chiangmai

166 Charoen Prathet Road, Tambon Chang Klan, AmpurMuang, Chiangmai 50100

Sister SirilakSuwapapTelephone: 087-5752726or 053-276062

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Adcharamai, Sop-moie, Mae Hong Sorn branch house


Sister Nongnut Rueankham 




In 2009 the Ursulines participated in the mission of pastoral work in Sobmeuy, Mae Hong Son province with Father SutheeCharoenkun who consulted Bishop ViraAphornrat and the Ursuline Sisters: Sisters ChintanaChatrasubhang, SomchitrKrongboonsri, RatchaneeDisudchit and the members of the congregation.

In 2013 the Ursulines own some property without building anything while Sister Narumon taught catechism in the village of Mae Hard and visited the villagers with the priest, catechist and found out that there are many children who finish grade six and nine, would like to continue their study, and learn catechism but there is no opportunity to do so since there is not enough priest, sister and catechist.   Most of the children or youth are poor, live on the mountain.  Father Suthee, Sister Narumon and catechist discuss and find ways to help at the same time the parents would like to send their children to stay with the priest, sister.  After consulting the leaders of the congregation who decided to build a house named “Mary of the Incarnation House” for the young women at Kobiki village, Sobmeuy where there is a church named Saint MagaritaAlagot in this village.



 In 2016 we opened to receive the first group of 7 young women, in 2017 there are 10.

The apostolate here is

1. Help the mission in pastoral work with the parish priest at Saint Laurence church, Sobmeuy

2. Father SutheeCharoenkun, sisterNarumonCharoenkun and catechist collaborate to give formation to the children and young women at Baan Mary of the Incarnation.




Toedthai, Chiang Rai mission

Sister Puangpaka Prapassan. 


 Seven Fountains…Retreat House



Is situated at 97 Huey Kaew Road, Tambon Chang Klan, Ampur Muang, Chiangmai

Seven Fountains is a place for those who would like to come and seek a peaceful and quiet place, it is a retreat house for those who seek God, oneself, consolation in the serene atmosphere that surrounded by many big trees.

The Ursuline sisters who participate in directing the retreat are

Sister Somchitr Krongboonsri

Sister Ruangkanjana Chinnapha






 The Novitiate.


 A house of formation for those who are interested in religious life as an Ursuline.